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I'll just let the bank foreclose, it is easier, they can take the loss, they will never see another dime from me!


The above statement is a common one from struggling homeowners who are fed up with their attempts at receiving mortgage relief from their mortgage company. A large population of my clients have spent months applying for loan modifications and more affordable loan terms to only be turned down after months and months of paperwork and jumping through hoops with their bank.


While the frustration is completely understandable trying to stick it to your mortgage lender will only result in a lifetime of credit problems and collection activity by your bank and their tireless hoards of collection agents.


Please watch the video above for why a Short Sale is a superior option to just standing by while your bank forecloses.


The video will cover the following:


    • Ability to obtain a mortgage in the future.
    • Credit impacts of a Short Sale and Foreclosure.
    • Ability to obtain Security Clearances (think government jobs or even government contract for your business).
    • Effects on future employment.
    • Information on what a deficiency judgement is and how it can effect you.


If you are interested in knowing more or are ready to take the next steps to solve your mortgage difficulties please contact us now.