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How does Foreclosure work?

How long does foreclosure take?

Is it too late to stop foreclosure?


Foreclosure is the primary event that we are attempting to avoid when pursuing a short sale. There are severe credit impacts and your lender can pursue you for the loss they take as part of the process.


Unless you have a foreclosure auction happening as you read this text there is still time to act. As part of our free consultation we will discuss timelines and options available depending on what documents you have received as a result of being behind on your mortgage payments. There are cases where it makes sense to pursue other options than short sale. It is out mission to make sure you are put in the best position and explore your other options if they will be in your, the homeowners best interest.


One major misconception is that once you are one or two payments behind your bank will come knocking at your door to kick you out and collect the keys, this is not the case.


Each state has different processes and time-frames that your lender and their attorney's must abide by. In most areas a foreclosure can take upwards of 4 months or more. While pursuing a short sale in most cases does not stop your lender from advancing their legal action against you the borrower, the proactive approach is seen as an act of good faith that will be given consideration as they make decisions regarding their collection and legal actions. Depending on your state there are processes available to you to help make sure you are given a fighting chance to work out your mortgage woes. 


If you are a homeowner in Maryland below is timeline of the foreclosure process created by 


Maryland Foreclosure Timeline


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